The Reason for

Our domain and servers are based in Iceland, the home of the toughest privacy and freedom of speech laws on the Internet. Our goal is to educate and evangelize privacy and freedom worldwide for everyone but especially the patriots, political dissidents, missionaries, whistleblowers and others risking their lives in enemy territory against all odds. Using the tools listed here may help save their lives against tyranny.

We post stories highlighting the defense of privacy, truth, exploited children and people of faith everywhere.

"for I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson

No Pop-Ups

There are no ads, no pop-ups, no scripts and no cookies (unless we install something for comments).

This site will remain as clean and reader friendly as possible. As fast as possible for those accessing from Tor or just from far away. There will be no scripts or pop ups to subscribe. Tor browser or any browser with noscript will be welcome.

Full content in RSS feeds are available. RSS reader is the best way to read websites away from social media.

I may place a bitcoin donate button soon and if there are any ads, they will not be from any ad network.

No “subscribe” pop ups. If you want to subscribe please do, I’m not bugging you about it.

Commenting is not available right now. (Still looking for the right platform).