You would think 474 Arrested and 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued during Statewide Human Trafficking Operation would make bigger headlines causing names to be published and stories of missing children reunited with their parents. More then 30 agencies involved in this operation that only the local news in Los Angeles, CA in the US has covered.

No NY Times? Washington Post? CNN? FoxNews? LA TIMES, the major newspaper in Los Angeles and online did their token story because it was in the same city, but only dedicated 1376 words and half of those were generic trafficking stats and statements from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center while the other half was a cut and paste from the Sheriff's press release. These people are sorry excuses for journalists human beings.

Why the non-coverage of such an awesome accomplishment by Law Enforcement? The rescue of 28 children from the abuse, torture and sex slavery which they will never forget, isn't news enough?

From the article - 474 arrests, including 142 males on solicitation charges and 36 males on pimping. It's a good day when 1 pimp / trafficker is taken off the streets, 36 is a celebration. Wonder what the remaining 296 were arrested for?

Authorities did not release the names of any of those arrested. No other information about the operation was immediately provided.

And why not? Why no followup? Why no names?

474 Arrested and 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued

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