How does Christianity happen in a country like North Korea? The Gospel seems to find a way into any country and the most tyrannical countries are the ones most thirsty for the Gospel.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) was built by American Evangelicals and is still funded by the West. The North Korean government recongises the importance of connecting to the West and the outside world while keeping the rest of its citizens under Government control.

“An unofficial deal was struck between PUST and the regime that allowed the evangelicals to build the school in Pyongyang, fund it, and teach the students, as long as they do not discuss Christianity in public,” Suki Kim, a writer who lived for six months at PUST, told The Washington Post. Why US Christians Risk Their Lives to Teach North Korea


Kim Hak Song and Kim Sang Duk, both professors and Christians at PUST were arrested for hostile acts or intent against the North Korean government.

Kim Hak Song was hoping to develop more efficient farming methods, allowing North Koreans to feed their own people

“North Korea is persecuting their savior, a person who came to help them,” one of Kim Hak Sang’s classmates told the Christian Post. “This is wrong.”

Kim San Duk was a guest lecturer in accounting.

US State Department

The US State Department has said they are aware of the arrests and is working though channels like the Swedish Embassy in North Korea

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