Because of the embarrassment of the Vault 7 leak, the CIA is now looking for the person who leaked it to WikiLeaks. Vault 7 lists all of the hacking tools the Agency uses to spy on everyone. Snowden says it looks authentic and the CIA investigating "hundreds" of people with access, only confirms the leak is legit. The CIA has not commented before if the leak is legit or not, but the investigation speaks volumes.

Another Patriot informing the people about the illegal spying by a rogue and arrogant agency. The silence from the public is deafening. Most say, they have nothing to hide and have become normalized to the lack of privacy thanks to spilling their lives on social media for the new status symbol of likes.

Supporting Patriots Everywhere

We at PW applaud the Patriot behind Vault 7. The system is trying so hard to shutdown WikiLeaks and Assange, he may eventually fall. Julian is not the only person at WikiLeaks but he is the public face and persona. If he's arrested, we're not sure the website will have the same impact and juice as it has with Assange.

You would think the new CIA chief had more to worry about with everything going on in the world, then to go after WikiLeaks. He may have been corrupted by the Deep State and is now a puppet. Some of us had hoped Trump was going to be more understanding with whistleblowers and WikiLeaks, especially since WikiLeaks exposed the Hillary campaign slime.

Pompeo's stupid remarks about Julian

“Assange and his ilk make common cause with dictators today,” Pompeo said. “Yes, they try unsuccessfully to cloak themselves and their actions in the language of liberty and privacy; in reality, however, they champion nothing but their own celebrity. Their currency is clickbait; their moral compass, nonexistent.”

What a moron. Assange reponded with the CIA's illegal activities and the USA's First Amendment. Long but worth the read.

The Reason for

Our domain and servers are based in Iceland, the home of toughest privacy and freedom of speech laws on the Internet. Our goal is to educate and evangelize privacy and freedom worldwide. PGP is still unbreakable when done right. Everyone should use encrypted email, not only for privacy, but the more encryption is used, the less it will be a red flag for people who truly need it.

Political dissidents, journalists, patriots and missionaries in countries where speaking your mind or sharing a different view or an opposing opinion can get you killed, will be able to use encryption without drawing attention to themselves and their people. Encryption isn't for criminals. Even if you have nothing to hide, use encryption to help those that depend on it to save their lives and blend in with the rest of the Internet traffic.

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