US Congressman Trey Gowdy is on the warpath against pedophiles. His two investigators while in the Clinton stronghold of Arkansas go missing. Jeff Sessions and Gowdy hire two private contractors to investigate this because they don't trust the FBI while looking into Clinton.

Let's connect some dots
  • Clinton crime family runs Arkansas.
  • CIA flew drugs into Arkansas while Clinton was Governor.
  • Clintons are criminals and have killed before
  • Gowdy says he's investigating an elite pedophile ring
  • His investigators are in Arkansas
  • Bill Clinton known rapists and frequent visitor to Lolita Island.
  • Hillary intervenes to save child trafficker in Haiti
  • The Weiner laptop - Must have had evidence of not only Weiner's underage exposures, possibly enough blackmail material to take everyone down. (Send us encrypted email if you have real info on that)
  • Monica Petersen killed in Haiti investigating Clinton Foundation and trafficking.

Gowdy's Investigators Missing in Arkansas

The two investigators, whose identities will remain classified until it can be confirmed that foul play was involved, were employees of the federal government under private contract to investigate the Clintons. The specifics of what they were looking for is also classified.
Their vehicle, a blue Ford Escape, was found in a rest area just outside of town with the keys in the ignition, according to sources.
Jeff Session’s Department of Justice assigned special investigators to the case in order to keep it out of the hands of the FBI, which he believes may have become compromised.

Bottom Line

Both Clintons are too close to pedophiles to be a coincidence and are being investigated in connection to an elite pedophile ring. Gowdy and Session's people were getting too close and something had to be done.

Update 20/04/2017

Some are reporting the missing investigators as "fake news". All sources lead back to only one website. Even if the investigators are not missing. The "Dots" are still legit. Clintons are still evil, Gowdy is still going after Pedo rings, trafficking arrests have skyrocketed.

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