The paper Edward Snowden trusted to give his NSA secrets to has blown a source and caused her arrest. Snowden chose Greenwald and Poitras not The Intercept. But the Intercept has whored that incident to appear they're the next Wikileaks and will protect their sources, except from its own stupidity.

Reality Winner (and her parents for naming her that) are morons. The "document" wasn't worth losing her career over, it didn't say anything conclusive. Russians use SpearPhishing looking for information, BFD. Election results weren't altered and no data was manipulated.  

The Intercept hands the NSA the document they were given by Winner, which had identifying information they were able to trace to who made copies of that document.

This girl is too stupid for words. Print this at work? She probably mailed it from work too! Snowden and Manning used electronic copies. Winner also emailed the Intercept from her computer at work. Moron. Snowden used encrypted emails and Jabber with OTR.

She's in intelligence and knows nothing about counter-intellegence? She either wanted to be caught or was too stupid and it was only a matter of time. And for what? A TS document about Russian SpearPhishing?  

Good Point -

Moreover, the “need to know” principle—once sacrosanct among spooks—has failed, yet again. Why was Winner, a linguist specializing in Iran and Afghanistan, able to access an above-Top Secret report on Russian cyber-espionage so effortlessly? The Observer

The idiots at The Intercept didn't help. Don't they know how document control works? Classified information isn't just floating around. People sign for it like it's CSI evidence (actually their computer does, but you get the idea). Paper has it's own markings and they know who prints what documents. The lazy idiots at the Intercept sent a picture of the original document.

Patsy or Stupid

One theory is she's a patsy to change the subject and to lead investigators away from the real leakers. This was too easy and handed to the DOJ on a silver platter. I'm going with the stupid criminal theory. Between the idiots at the Intercept, the ignorance of a naive little girl and a so-what document, there were too many stupid things done to think this was some mastermind conspiracy.  

Even if the Intercept didn't send a picture of the document, she was emailing The Intercept from her work computer, not the brightest bulb in the drawer and probably not the dumbest thing on that computer.

Snowden and Manning were patriots uncovering the crimes of a government gone wild with no oversight hiding the war crimes and using the war on terror as an excuse to spy on everyone. Snowden knew he was going to be arrested from the start and took appropriate measures until he was ready. Both Snowden and Manning had thousands of documents, not just one piece of junk.  

Learn Something

Use Winner's mistakes as a learning experience. PatriotsWorldwide only accepts encrypted email. Learn it. Use it. This site is also available for whistleblowers, but learn something first. Patriot's Privacy Tool section is a work in progress, but there are email suggestions, VPNs, Tor and other ways to keep your privacy.

Seriously, have something good? Don't send it on the first email, even encrypted and especially not on Protonmail. Start small and we'll move to more secure email, encrypted file transfers and encrypted Jabber or IRC. Files are only stored and opened on air-gapped computers. We need to verify you know what you're doing and close any security gaps before we get involved.

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