Singing Jesus Loves You will get you arrested in China. A gathering of more than 10 people is an illegal church in China. The pastor from Taiwan was arrested and detained then released on the same day. It's horrible that the Chinese government is reaching out to religous leaders but still arrest pastors. They need to just make everything illegal so everyone goes underground and will at least know the rules.

Chinese detains Taiwanese pastor for singing worship song

The Communist Party, on the other hand, has denied accusations that it is persecuting religious minorities. However, Freedom House said the religious restrictions in China have intensified since President Xi Jinping took office in November 2012.
Chinese authorities have reportedly arrested religious leaders and shuttered the so-called underground churches. The government has also implemented laws that seek to control religious practices, and believers have surprisingly resisted these changes. --Christian Daily

China Launches 'Religious Winter' in Bid to Destory Christianity in Fierce Crackdown

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