Christian Churches are trying to come out in public but when they do this happens. For the Chinese government the Church is like any other criminal.

Another Christian Pastor Jailed and Gravely Ill Yang Hua’s Living Stone Church in Guiyang has worshiped openly since 2009, growing to a regular attendance of more than 700 members. The Chinese government has harassed the church since its founding, but the purchase of a new office space for meetings seemed to bring tensions with the government to a new high.

I believe and everyone has witnessed throughout history, the more the Gospel is persecuted, made illegal and faithful imprisoned only makes the Word stronger and spread more.

City on a hill It bothered them that the house churches they led in Guiyang had been underground. “Even though it was just a small meeting of a dozen or so people, we had to act like the underground [revolutionary-era] Communist Party you see on television dramas — using codewords, acting secretively as though we were doing something terrible,” Su said. Banned At the same time Yang Hua was arrested, the authorities announced that the Living Stone church was banned. The 600 square meter office space, on the 24th floor of a new office building in downtown Guiyang, that it used as its place of congregation was sealed and guarded by security personnel hired by the local authorities.

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