The new President of the United States fell for the false-flag of the "rebels". According to the UN this is not the first time rebels have gassed their own. Of course the White-Helmets show up. If this is something the Neocons have been pushing, CNN with their fake sob stories and other media have been pushing, even the walking dead Hillary has endorsed this. Why?

Why would Assad gas his own people when he's winning the war? He has the brute force of the mighty Russian military behind him, Aleppo was liberated from rebels, ISIS / Rebels are being pushed back and on the run. Why?

We know exactly why ISIS did it. It was obviously not Sarin Gas. Probably some homemade concoction or the mustard gas they've used before. If Assad did this, it would have been Sarin and the White-Helmets would have needed more than a pre-staged gas mask.

Neocon, never Trumpers, the opposing party and the weaponized media of the Left are pushing this to distract the new President from his agenda and the economy of the US while hoping for something to go wrong in order to highlight anything and everything wrong or made up to cast doubt or a bad light on the new President the establishment hates so much.

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