I saw the movie Risk, the documentary from Laura Poitras who also filmed Citizen Four about Edward Snowden which was also going on at the same time she was filming Assange.

Assange is upset when Laura didn't involve him with Snowden. I get that, especially when one of his people can't go back to the UK because she helped Snowden.

Assange is a hacker that was caught and now helps publish classified information people give him and runs an organization living on donations. Assange is an awesome philosopher and has key words of wisdom for living life, besides an admitted god complex and thinking he's the smartest guy in the room whether he is or not.

The film was interesting showing the timeline of Manning, Assange and Snowden and even Appelbaum's controversy and showing Assange's attitude, that's about it.

If you're famous and followed by all of the intelligence services run an organization to help people leak classified info without getting caught themselves? Trust no one. Don't trust The Intercept and I wouldn't trust Wikileaks, the organization is more about supporting Assange's ego.

Don't trust us, but we will tell you how and where to leak. If you want an anonymous intermediary and we will do it for you. Depending on the content or this website or where we think will do the most good, with your consent and approval of course.

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