No matter what your stance is on vaccinations, why in the world would anyone vaccinate a tiny premature baby? Why force and coerce parents into this crazy decision at such a young age?

Vaccines Linked to Other Diseases

A specific pro-inflammatory cytokine, interleukin-6 (IL-6), is elevated by CRP production. Prolonged high levels of IL-6 can weaken the immune system, increase the susceptibility of liver injury and raise the risk for cardiovascular disease. Some studies have even found a link between elevated IL-6 and an increased risk for cancer.

It has been published that CRP goes up in response to the hepatitis B vaccine, given at birth, and also when given to full term infants. In fact, a study done nearly 20 years ago – in 1998 – concluded a clear temporal association between elevations of CRP and IL-6 after the HiB, Hepatitis B and IPV (polio) vaccines.

How much more “evidence” does the healthcare profession need to stop vaccination? We need to put a moratorium on causing insidious, life-long disasters in our children. Why are doctors and parents so horrified of a fever, a cough, a rash and some diarrhea?

The article recites some old studies, but people are still ignoring them. Doctors as a whole are not ignorant or heartless, but why follow "illegal orders" from big pharma when they know the consequences and long term effects.

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