Contacting is by encrypted email only. Use our public key

Confirm fingerprints with
(when you import the public key, the email address is shown in your key-manager).
Remember to attach your own public key so an encrypted response can be sent.

If an attachment is not encrypted with your email, encrypt seperately only with PGP using our public key

How to send us Encrypted Email:

Webmail (gmail, yahoo, users can use Mailvelope Our review.

There are several email services that support PGP. Startmail, Our review here, Mailfence, CounterMail or others that support PGP.

Protonmail and Tutanota are encrypted, but do not fully support sending emails encrypted with PGP.

Patriotsworldwide -at- (.ch not .com) if you absolutely must, but unless you are sending from a Protonmail account, there will be no response. Depending on the subject, we're not sure if we trust PM 100%. Our review. Use PGP instead.

Best method: Thunderbird as your IMAP email client and the Enigmail addon.
For Windows: Thunderbird and Enigmail for Windows
For Linux: Thunderbird and Enigmail for Linux
For Mac: Thunderbird and Enigmail for Mac

Android users should use K9 Mail and Openkeychain.
For IOS: ipgmail or oPenGP or pgpeverywhere

How to Encrypt Files

Until enough donations are received to implement a SecureDrop server, files too large for email, must use, our review, or other encrypted only services. Also, a PGP encrypted file in dropbox (or others) the link can be shared over encrypted email. Or create a torrent after the file is encrypted with our public key and send the magnet link over encrypted email.

Encrypting and decrypting documents

Received files will be moved and opened on air-gapped computers where they will be stored. No files are ever stored on the web server unless they are leaked and for public consumption.